Head Gasket Repair Cost – Why Is It Expensive?

If you notice blown head gasket symptoms with your car head gasket, then you should start contemplating the head gasket repair cost because repairing and replacing the gasket is one of the most expensive repairs for your vehicle. The gasket that seals the cylinder head to ensure maximum compression can be blown for several reasons. Modern day gaskets don’t blow because of aging and mechanics often complain that car owners don’t take proper care for their car. A worn out thermostat may not indicate the right temperature and replacing it quickly can save your gasket. Using the appropriate coolant is very important because if the coolant system is not functioning optimally, then your gasket will start showing signs of trouble.

What Adds To Head Gasket Repair Cost?
When you search on the internet, you will see that the head gasket for cars cost a few hundreds of dollars. However, when you take your car to a mechanic and tell him about gasket problems, he may tell you that repair can cost at least a thousand bucks. If you are wondering that it is expensive, you should understand that repairing and replacing a gasket takes a lot of manual work.

Before actually determining that the problem is actually with a head gasket, your mechanic has to run some tests. This will involve checking the condition of the car and when problems are found with the gasket, more tests have to be performed. The severity of the damage must be assessed by the mechanic. Even though the gasket is the only thing that was blown, damage may be caused to the engine, cylinder and coolant system if you had continued to use the overheated car. Without performing these tests, the car mechanic won’t be able to provide you a complete service.

A majority of the portion of cost of repairing the gasket is for the labor cost involved. Reaching the gasket in your car involves removing several of the internal components and only a good mechanic can handle such a tedious job. Many times, your mechanic may suggest a full replacement rather than using a repairing sealant if the gasket looks very bad. It is better to replace the gasket entirely because even the repair will require good amount of manual labor. After properly fitting the head gasket, the mechanic has to run some more tests to ensure that the gasket is properly fitted. An ill fitted gasket can cause trouble in the future and hence, a complete machine checkup must be completed.

Typically, you may have to pay around $1200 to $1400 USD for repairing the head gasket. In most of the cases, this will include the cost of the tools and gasket itself. In some parts of the country, you may have to pay for the parts separately and this may cost around $500 USD. The additional labor cost will be around $900. You can definitely save this labor cost if you are prepared to do all the work by yourself. However, you should always ensure that you run proper tests before using your car after replacing the gasket.

You can repair the head gasket yourself and save some money. However it is advisable to get the gasket repaired by a mechanic to avoid future problems.


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